Beach Weddings and Weddings Vows

Beach weddings are becoming more popular as the traditional weddings change. Wedding vows are extremely important to any wedding, as they are the most romantic aspect of the wedding. Whether you decide to write you own wedding vows or go with a more traditional vow you will have many options to choose from. Remember the most important part to writing your wedding vows are what you and your partner will think about them, i.e. the meaning you will find within them to share your love. Other important factors for your wedding vows are your guests.

If you decide to write an original wedding vow you will want to be aware of some guidelines to follow. Here are some guidelines and a few examples of wedding vows.

Example 1:

We are gathered here today to witness the coming together of two people, ____________ and ____________, whose hearts and spirits are entwined as one. They now desire to profess before all the world their intention henceforth to walk the road of life together.
To these two young people, this marriage signifies the birth of a new spirit, a spirit which is a part of each of us, yet not of any one of us alone. This “birth of spirit” reminds us of spring, the season when all life is reborn and looms again. It is appropriate, therefore, that this wedding of ____________ and ____________ be in the spring, and that it be under the open sky, where we are close to the earth and to the unity of life, the totality of living things of which we are part.

Example 2: Pastor:

We are gathered here today to take part in the most time-honored celebration of the human family, uniting a woman and a man in marriage. ____________ and ____________ have come to witness before us, telling of their love for each other. We remember, theirs is a love whose source is the affection of those who loved them into being.
We remind them that they are performing an act of complete faith, each in the other; that the heart of their marriage will be the relationship they create. In a world where faith often falls short of expectation, it is a tribute to these two who now join hands and hearts in perfect faith.

Pastor to Groom:

____________, will you receive ____________ as your wife? Will you pledge to her your love, faith and tenderness, cherishing her with a husband’s loyalty and devotion?
These examples use a more traditional route when writing vows with a bit of a formal bent to them. Most beach wedding vows are more simplistic. Often those who choose to get married on a beach are doing so at the spur of the moment or are not religious. This does not mean those who wish a pastor/ minister do not get married on the beach. An example of a simpler wedding vow is below.
Do you, _____________, take this woman/man, _______________, to be your wife/husband, according to God’s holy decree; do you promise to be to him/her a loving and loyal husband/wife, to cherish and keep her/him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, to be faithful only to him/her as long as you both shall live?

If you wish a more original vow, you might decide to use the location in your wedding vow. Use a poem about the beach or the meanings the beach may have for you to express your love. Your guests may determine a little bit about your vows like whether you stay more traditional or go truly unique with a
little humor.

A beach wedding is usually an informal affair and thus most individuals choose the less formal vows to speak. It is up to you in what you wish to say to your loved one. Remember words of love come from deep inside of you and while books or your family may help you to gain ideas for your wedding vows take your time and find what means most to you and your partner.

One of my favorite poems is about diving into the sea with your partner and knowing that your partner is there for you no matter the trials you have gone through. The poem speaks about the good times they had together. While the partner in this sense is their scuba diving buddy, it can also lend itself to love you share with your husband or wife. If a poem is not the way for you try writing down some of your feelings and then substituting those feelings with other words, more original words. Like love, what is the definition of love? Once you have your definition try writing your vow from it and see if that brings your vows closer to the meanings you wish to express.

Beach wedding vows do not have to be traditional they can speak from your feelings, what has brought you to the beach to pledge your love, and what marriage means to you.

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