The Convenience of an Informal Wedding Dress

If you are tired of the same old lavish fairytale weddings, you might want to consider the ambience of an informal wedding.

An informal wedding could be held in a garden, or in your back yard with just close friends and relatives. Or it could be held in the summery feel of the sand and sea on the beach or seaside. The ideas for an informal wedding are endless. And what best, than to spike up the occasion with the style and convenience of an informal wedding dress?

The Perfect Dress to Suit an Informal Wedding

Why would anyone opt for in an informal wedding dress? You may wish to look different from the normal lavishness of a conventional marriage.

Or if you have an impromptu wedding, or one with short notice, or even a low-key wedding, well an informal wedding dress is ideal. You may want to begin the marriage with just the right people around you and set just the mood of informality to go with it. Or perhaps you are getting married for the second time and have already experimented with a lavish, fairy-tale dress. Or you may wish to cut costs. But whatever the reason, an informal wedding dress can match the beauty of the occasion without once letting you lose the centre stage.

Choices for an Informal Wedding Dress

There are many options for an informal wedding dress and many advantages. The main advantage of an informal wedding dress is that it can come minus the cost and adornments of the formal wedding gown. It could be simple and yet adorned tastefully to your specifications. The informal wedding dress could be of any length, or for that matter, style.

You could add a liberal sprinkling of the pearls and stones you like without making it too formal for the occasion. In fact, the best thing about an informal wedding dress is that you could design it like everything else about you, to reflect your style, just the way you like it. Spike it up with a slit running up to your thigh, or let it go strapless or spaghetti, halter, or even sleeveless. In other words, the options for an informal wedding dress could be as limitless as your imagination.

The Colors of an Informal Wedding Dress

The classic trend of wearing white for your wedding might be tempting but let it not hamper the flow of your creative juices. Your informal wedding dress need not be simply white. It could even be eggshell white, or beige or something else as subtle and yet luscious.

In fact, though not too many people around you might have wanted to be flashy about their wedding dress colors, it doesn’t need to stop you from letting your day be all yours. Spice up the color of your informal wedding dress as much as you like and let the world notice you just as much it would your informal wedding dress.

Accessorize your Informal Wedding Dress

Like with the design of an informal wedding dress, you could tweak the accessories to match the beauty of your informal wedding dress. You need not hide behind the huge, silk and lace veil. Make your crowing glory, your hair, the envy of the crowd and let it flow out to show off its shine. You could even add to your hair a satin ribbon or a band that is the same color as your informal wedding dress; or simply complement your informal wedding dress by letting your hair run down loose around your shoulders.

For short informal wedding dresses, sandals with straps curling up to your shin would be classy. Swap the huge bouquet of flowers for a bunch of long stemmed blooms such as lilieums or go bare with a single long stemmed white lily with a satin ribbon.

With your informal wedding dress, you could afford to go bare or with very little jewelry. Add only a touch of a diamond here or a pearl there. A single strand of metal, for instance, running around your neck with a diamond tugging at it lightly might do wonders to the casual charms the informal wedding dress is already creating. Or if it pearls that speak for you, pearl drop earrings and an accompanying pendant on your neck contrasted against the easy class of your informal wedding dress would add the sleek touch to your already drop dead gorgeous bridal get-up.

Look Like a Million Bucks in an Informal Wedding Dress

So go plain, go simple, or go bare-and-dare with your informal wedding dress but flaunt your creativity. Design your own informal wedding dress or simply get one made to order. Either way, the magic you can create would still make you look the million bucks bride you have always longed to be.

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