Medieval Wedding Dresses that are Trendy and Fashionable

Who would ever believe that medieval wedding dresses are becoming so incredibly popular. This trend has little to do with the current fashions of tulle skirts and lace embellishments or strapless, sleeveless dresses. In fact, this rage in wedding dresses goes back to the primordial times when brides wished to look as different and as stunning as possible way back then. Till now, every bride hopes to look stunning and wishes that her wedding dress will be the most talked about dress of the season. Now, what can you do to make your medieval wedding dress as stunning as possible?

Associations of a Medieval Wedding Dress

To think of a medieval wedding dress conjures up images of Kings, Queens, and fairies. Of romance, and faire maidens, of singing minstrels and of brave knights. Can there be anything more romantic or more ethereal than a medieval wedding dress? That’s the reason you need to ensure that your wedding party matches the theme of your wedding gown.

And the people you will have to spend the most time convincing are your friends and relatives. They might not understand why you are selecting a medieval theme and why your wedding dress is green, instead of white and why your dress is in an outdated style instead of being in vogue. Most people, you will see, are pretty set in their ways and they think a wedding dress has to be white. What they may not know is that white dresses didn’t come into fashion until the Victorian era whereas your choice of a medieval green wedding dress is more conventional and more authentic. Don’t even bother changing their mind, and you certainly don’t change yours. If this is what you want, well, this is what they will also learn to want.

Colors of a Medieval Wedding Dress

Back then, brides didn’t wear white on their special day. They wore colorful dresses which were bold and cheerful. Weddings were all about color in the medieval era and to dress in authentic medieval fashion, you must use bold colors on your wedding dress. Think of deep burgundy or a rich green, think of pure velvet or silk, or brocade and braids. Get a full, flowing skirt with wide flowing sleeves, and yes, a deep cleavage is a must. Lace-up your back and you will look as if you stepped straight out of a fairytale.

Getting Hold a Medieval Wedding Dress

And where can you find such a dress? Well, you may not believe this, but a medieval wedding dress is quite easy to find. For a quick shortcut, you can think of renting one. If you are not interested in keeping your dress forever, and if you wish to save costs, well, then approach a good up-market costume shop. While you will get yourself an authentic period costume, there are also several disadvantages to this. Others will have worn your medieval wedding dress and you have to return it after your wedding. Even so, this just might be your best bet for finding a solid, authentic medieval wedding dress.

Alternatively, you can buy this dress. Even though it may cost you more, and will take a longer time to get it ready, it might be worth this trouble in the long-run. Check out the upscale boutiques for an authentic medieval wedding dress. Or you might like to approach a talented designer. Try tapping the upcoming designers who may like to experiment with this style and could consider doing it for a lower price. Such specialists are very knowledgeable about these period pieces and they will certainly do a good job, for a price. So don’t be afraid to ask questions and get alterations done to suit your specific measurements. If you cannot afford designers, then get hold of tailor or a seamstress and design your own medieval wedding dress.

Try the Internet. It also has a treasure trove of information and images about medieval wedding dresses per se. A search will throw up many links and websites about dressmakers and shops that focus on medieval costumes. Also, different types of medieval patterns are viewable from pattern makers who specialize in similar types of period costumes. If you are good at sewing, or if know about someone who is a talented seamstress, maybe you should consider this option seriously.

Your medieval wedding dress should be well-tailored and well-designed or it could land up looking tacky or gimmicky. Ensure that you try on your medieval wedding dress at least few weeks before your wedding day so that you have scope to rectify corrections, add, or remove embellishments, etc. Take the opinion of close confidant and don’t hesitate to make last moment changes. Carrying off such a stunning dress takes oodles of confidence and you must feel comfortable and at ease wearing that dress on your special day.

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