The Sun, the Sand, and the Beach Wedding Dresses

Since the wedding altar moved from the church to the white sands of romantic tropical island getaways, beach weddings have become quite a craze with the die-hard romantics. And if you are one among those, then make the beach wedding dress part of your trousseau. Beach weddings are informal and your beach wedding dress can go with the occasion to compliment it as much as it would all your romantic desires.

A Wedding Dress for the Beach

A beach wedding dress could be the perfect blend of your style and desire for being ravishing.

But it needs to take into account other factors too, because, while the beach wedding comes with the romance of the vows recited against backdrop of the unending ocean, there is the sand that would get into your beach wedding dress, the water that might soak it or simply the sun that might burn your skin.
So it would be wise to make your beach wedding dress sleek and casual not just to compliment the beauty that you are but also to take into account the breeze and the temperature at the time of the day and season of the year.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

It would need careful consideration when you search for your beach wedding dress. For instance, rethink the veil on the beach which might fly here and there or make you feel too hot under the sun. The material and the style of your beach wedding dress must suit the temperature and perhaps the humidity of the day. Also, reflect on the design of your beach wedding dress so that it isn’t too puffy for a windy day, too covered for a humid, hot day or for that matter over-the-top while on the beach. Trade the veil for a hat to go with your beach wedding dress but ensure it doesn’t fly away in the breeze with carefully concealed pins and tucks.

It might be a good idea to keep in mind the time of the day as also that of the year while searching for your beach wedding dress. A sunset wedding in September, for instance, might make you want to rethink a bare, shoulder less beach wedding dress because it might get too chilly tat time of the year.

Flowers and Accessories for Your Beach Wedding Dress

Go full bloom at your beach wedding and let the tropical blossoms sizzle up your beach wedding dress on your tresses or elsewhere. In any case, you could do without the veil with your beach wedding dress. It might be thrown about in the breeze on the beach. Hold your hair back in a band. Or if you are keen on letting your tresses fly in the wind, so be it, it is after all your day.

Don’t forget a small bouquet of colorful flowers to jazz up the shades of the tropical sun on your beach wedding dress. While tropical blooms in your hands might spice up your off-white color dress you can experiment with your favorite color for your beach wedding dress. Just go white with your flowers and watch the effect!

Tying up your hair in a tight ponytail or a knot at the nape of your neck and garlanding it with your favorite tropical blooms would make you look sportily stylish too. In fact, round up a small garland of tropical bloom for your wrists too. It would be just the right accessory to compliment your beach wedding dress while turning you into the sultry tropical goddess.

Complement your simple classy beach wedding dress with a simple pair of footwear. In fact, go easy on the footwear. A fine pair of flip-flops or strappy sandals could add very well to the sensual feel of the sandy ambience. Or go bare foot, for it would be sand everywhere.

The Charm of the Informal Beach Wedding Dress

The best thing about an informal beach wedding dress is that it can look classy and elegant without being too dressy. Go for the halter neck or sleeveless or simple spaghetti straps and yet remain that gorgeous bride every woman envies.

The beach wedding dresses could be made to suit your taste regarding length and style. Go long or go short, just let it be a reflection of your style and it must suit your figure. Don’t let just the sultry blue sea magnetize your guest’s gaze; trance them with your beach wedding dress as well.

The Simplicity of the Beach Wedding Dress

One advantage of the beach wedding dress over its other formal counterparts is its convenience. In fact, it takes lesser time to order, in most cases your beach wedding dresses can even be bought off the shelves with minimal alterations needed on it.

The lazy oceans might lap around the white sands of the tropical paradise as you recite your vows against the backdrop of the cool setting sun. Let your beach wedding dress flaunt your attitude. Because despite the beautiful oceanic view ahead, what would mesmerize your friends and relatives would be the beautiful bride you could be in your beach wedding dress.

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